Austin Gay Boys

Do you know that feeling in your stomach when you’re about to go over a big hill on a rollercoaster? When your belly feels like it’s lifting into your chest? That’s how I feel when I meet a boy that I like.

I’ve been exploring men out here on my own. It has been kind of messy and wild, but I’m figuring out what I want.

I would love to find a guy who is attentive, attractive, funny, honest, kind, and sexy. All of those things! I want to be that guy for somebody, too.

Queasy, Sleazy, Doesn’t Text Back


“Come over” 

“Lets fuck” 

I woke up to these texts from a guy a week after we stopped seeing each other. Prince charming.

We were not on the same frequency. The sex is actually what killed it for me. He only wanted to bottom and had issues with intimacy. He walled himself off emotionally and had an insatiable appetite to be penetrated. Can you see the paradox in that?

It didn’t bother me that he booty called me at 2am on a Sunday night. It bothered me that he responded like a jerk when I told him I didn’t want to have sex with him anymore. We stopped talking completely.

There’s another guy I’ve been seeing who is a bit more complicated. He’s in an open relationship with a long-term partner and is ten years older than me. I’ve enjoyed myself because we get along well. He makes me laugh. At the end of the day, I’m looking for something more substantial though.

I’ve tested the water with other guys, too:

  • I went on a date with a handsome scientist, but he’s doesn’t text back regularly and is kind of self-deprecating. Where is the self-love?
  • Another guy ghosted me after our first date. I thought he might be dead, but I ran into him at Buzzmill on open mic night drugged up and dazed. 
  • I have a crush on a beautiful man who doesn’t feel the same way for me. My gut understands, but my head and my heart have colluded to overrule the instinct. It’s brutal. I’ve been persistent, but he stays distant. If I’m being totally honest, he’s got half the city hurting for him. How do I kill such a strong desire?

Drunk Girl Wisdom


One night, on a smokey bar patio, I asked a new friend what she does when a guy she likes doesn’t respond to her. 

“Listen. The bar is here,” she said, placing her hand flat in the air at her chest.

“If a guy doesn’t respond to me in the same way I would expect a best friend to respond, I cut him loose and move on. We live in a huge city. Guys are a dime-a-dozen. I don’t waste time on the ones who don’t show up.”

She was spot on.

Don’t waste time on the ones who don’t show up.

It can feel like torture when we don’t receive attention back from the people we like. I know that I’ve ignored my fair share of guys, but that’s the nature of things. There is only one of us. We should be selective about who we share intimacy with, lest we end up with rude guys who want to be fisted because they’re desperate for fulfillment. We should be with people who light us up.

I also think that we shouldn’t take all of it too seriously. Let relationships flow. When they don’t flow, let them go.

Yes, we want to be loved. Yes, we want to be affirmed. When we don’t feel like we receive those things, we suffer. I’ve had plenty of ice cream nights on the couch in my underwear, feeling sorry for myself and sad because I was alone. Don’t get trapped on that wavelength.

Love also exists outside of desire, lust, possession, and sex. My experience says that it does more fruitfully so. 

Affirmation is your responsibility. You create your reality. Don’t wait for someone outside of you to validate your existence.

I’m gonna keep moving forward and see what happens. I miss the electric feel of kissing a lover and the comfort of sleeping close to someone. Sometimes, I really worry that I’m not gonna find romantic love again, but it’s silly to worry like that. 

Believe that if you really desire love, it will come to you.

Be open to it.
It might not come in the form you expect.

Light Hike


I went for a morning hike with my friends at Pace Bend Park last weekend.

A bright light at my window woke me early that morning. It was comfortable and golden like the sunrise.

“Good morning,” I muttered as I turned away from it, drifting back to sleep.

I woke up later and realized that the sun wasn’t up yet. Also, the sun doesn’t rise by that window. Maybe I was still dreaming. I was in that hazy place between wakefulness and sleep.

I like to believe that the light was a kind of divine visitation, even if it was just a car’s headlights. It was the Universe’s beautiful way of saying, “Good morning. I’m here with you. You’re not doing this alone.”

More and more frequently these days, I slip out of my body and into imagination. At work, walking, eating, driving, meditating, one minute I’m in my body, and suddenly the next, I’ve gone somewhere else. I enter and witness a living dream. I love it.

Moving experiences with light have become something of a norm for me. I consciously act to connect with higher frequencies and raise my vibration. Generally, they make their presence known through beautiful experiences that move me to tears. It is in those moments that I know something deeper is there.

We don’t have to do it alone.

We are connected to the mystical realms through imagination.

We are frequencies together.

We can help each other.


Pace Bend Park

I wanted to use the hike that day as an experience of revelation. Life has a way of teaching us lessons when we go out into nature and are open to them.

I got what I asked for.

My friends and I were hiking in a line along a rocky trail. They kept tripping on rocks and tree roots. I remember thinking to myself, “Wow, I’m way better at walking the path than these guys.”

A minute later, I walked full force into a hanging tree branch. It hurt! My head was bleeding.

Point taken, Universe. And don’t they say that pain is beauty? Haha.

Even though it caused quite a headache, the experience was a good metaphor. We all walk together on an Earthly path. It is easy to compare, and to believe that we are better because we don’t trip over the rocks, get lost, or make careless mistakes. But we all have our blind spots. They even whack us over the head to get our attention sometimes.

It made me think about other ways I may be unconscious. What don’t I see? What am I avoiding? What scares me so much that I won’t even look at it?

I meditate, practice yoga, and try to live honestly. These habits have increased my consciousness in unbelievable ways, but my spiritual development is far from over.

Where will it take me?

Where will it take us?




Nostalgia strikes often these days in Austin, Texas. The strong sun, radiant heat, and diesel fuel smells remind me of Bangkok, Thailand. Sometimes I close my eyes and transport myself back there. Daydreaming…

I see street food carts lined up on the street, tangled power lines, black soot on the sidewalks.

I hear greetings, laughter, engines revving.

I smell fish sauce, meat, sewage.

Then I open my eyes and snap back.

The thing I miss most about traveling is movement. I love to wander everywhere. It is often more gratifying than visiting crowded landmarks because you never know who or what you will find on the journey.

I have experienced a beautiful universal spirit walking around the Earth. It is alive in Balinese waterfalls, sooty Thai streets, and sunset over Saigon. It speaks to me in the vibrating chants of celibate monks, showcases its glory in swollen Cambodian moons, and penetrates Seville with the scent of a hundred thousand orange blossoms. There are not good words to describe the eternal and omniscient One in English because it is both expansively omniscient and mysteriously hidden from view.

You can see Spirit when you are in flow with it. This is why it is important to surrender to love and intuition. They are paths for connecting with life.

Remember that you are not separate from any of it. Separation is only an illusion, a myth. Connectedness is reality.

The more you embrace connection, the happier you will be.

The more you attempt to separate from life, the greater your suffering will be.

We live in a world where separation and selfishness are far too acceptable. Living here is heavy. People really think that ruthlessly acquiring material possessions and power will fill the void inside which drives them crazy. Always chasing, often selfish. Every street in the world could be paved with gold and these people would not be happy. It is not actually money or material that they want, it is connection.

I have faith that we will all understand this soon. Because we are all connected, shifting your own understanding shifts all of humanity’s understanding.

Separate, personal enlightenment may appear insignificant.

Together, it becomes momentous, like a tidal wave.

Go where your daydreams take you. Consciously lose yourself in everything more often.

Be weird.

Be vulnerable.

Be what you are.

I often have to remind myself to keep it real. It can be easy to get caught up in what we think other people expect from us, the separate image we have created for ourselves in our mind, or some type of narrative.

If anything in your life does not nourish your soul, let it go and keep dreaming.  


Overcoming Conditioned Anger

My step-father hurt me pretty bad when I was a little boy. He frightened me so much that when he raised his voice, I would literally wet my pants and get a beating because I soiled myself. Dad frequently called me faggot, queer, and bastard. He used my Sesame Street coloring books to roll joints and crayon box to store his bags of weed. I was three or four years old. I have grappled with intense anger and emotional trauma since that time.

My rage is most often triggered when I perceive injustice. Anger ripples into my heart. Violent frenzy floods my whole body. I can’t think. I’m blinded by rage.

The Fight That Never Was

Recently, I experienced that rage when someone close to me, whom I admire, treated me unkindly. We were saying goodbye and I asked him to close a loose end. He owed me $50.

He went from honey to venom in a second! I was under attack.

At first, I tried to use humor to diffuse the situation. I thought he was kidding, but he doubled down and started to insult me. It caught me off guard.

I stared into his eyes without saying a word. I couldn’t even tell you how long I stood there. My heart was beating so fast! A deafening voice inside my head was shouting, “HOW DARE YOU?!” over and over.

My anger wanted out. It desperately demanded to destroy the insult and the vessel which delivered it. It’s a defense mechanism that I unconsciously put in place to protect myself as a child. The anger comes out so strong because I believed that I needed it to stay alive.

It took all my willpower to breathe. I directed all my attention to my breath, just like I do when I meditate. It gave me enough control to say nothing, grab my keys, and walk away. I left the $50 he had thrown at me on the counter.

In that moment, I knew I had done the right thing. Any other words or actions would have escalated the situation. But later, briefly, I wondered if I had taken the path of weakness. I wondered if I had lost.

I reflected on this point for a long time. It repeated in my mind like a boomerang video. I’ve come to the conclusion that I did do the right thing. I know that I was not weak and that I won against the real foe, anger.

I disciplined my anger. With my breath, I found space between the anger and action, and chose to let it go. That’s powerful. That choice ripples through time. It establishes my higher Self as master. In the garden of my mind, it uproots the habit of reacting in anger. It doesn’t mean that I won’t get angry again or won’t face a challenge again, but I will be more closely aligned with healthy action.

I still care about my friend. I forgive him for treating me the way he did. We’re both going to be okay.

I shared this story because we need to learn how to handle arguments better. Many of us believe that it makes us weak when we choose not to participate in them. That’s not true. The real battle is always within. If you find yourself about to lose control in rage, see if you can step back from it, dis-identify with it, and just breathe.

You can do it!

Habitual meditation also helps.

“When your mind has overcome the confusion of duality, you will attain the state of holy indifference to things you hear and things you have heard. When you are unmoved by the confusion of ideas and your mind is completely united in deep samadhi, you will attain the state of perfect yoga.” (Easwaran, Eknath. The Bhagavad Gita, 52, 53)

Recovering From Injury With Yoga

back pain

I did my yoga teacher training at a hot vinyasa studio. The classes were intense. I sweat like Michael Jordan and needed two towels each class to keep my mat from turning into a slip-and-slide. Some days, I even saw bright white spots in my vision from oxygen deprivation. This regimen injured my body.

I started to have back problems after months of continuous hot vinyasa practice. The sciatic nerve in my lower back burned and pinched. It flared after each class. I walked slow, like an old man, and was in regular pain. Some days the only yoga I could do was a long child’s pose on my bedroom floor.

I was frustrated with myself for not being able to keep up with the others in my group.

It turns out, I was not alone. Yoga injuries are on the rise. From 2001 to 2014, yoga injuries in the United States doubled! During that same time period, the rate of injury for people over 65 increased by eightfold.


Changing my attitude helped. I recognized that I was out of balance with myself and needed to change in order to help my body heal. If I kept doing hot, fast yoga, I might have broken my back.

I started practicing regular yin yoga. It was the only thing that relieved my pain. In child’s pose, I consciously sent my breath all the way back to my tailbone. I allowed the area expand and contract. I allowed it to breathe.

It took months of practice for my back to heal. But it did heal. I am very grateful.

The most popular yoga studios teach the hotter the better, move faster, go deeper, but without balance this mindset harms the body. Yoga is about yoking. It’s about balance. If one does not practice balanced yoga, they will hurt themselves.


Since the injury, I have shifted my teaching style to include much more restorative yoga. There’s a need for it. People are already moving quickly through life. Their muscles are tight with stress before they come to yoga class. It serves them, like it served me, to use yoga to slow down and loosen up.

The most gratifying moments for me as a yoga teacher have been at the end of my yin classes. My students are relaxed and at peace. They are vibrating with such a strong feeling of peace that you can feel it emanating out of them. This happens at the end of each class. People feel better. It’s why I keep doing it.

I have more restorative yoga classes in the works. Outdoor yin at sunset is a really beautiful experience. It feels incredible!

Keep an eye out for my summer classes, especially if you’re feeling tight, tense, or injured. Yoga helped me work out my kinks. Also, contact me to set up private classes. We can create a tailored yin yoga regimen for your body.


yoga injury meme

Introducing Yin Yoga At Home

Have you ever wished that you could take the yoga teacher home with you? Your wish has come true!

Now, you can get all the benefits of yin yoga in a comfortable space. Your space. Each home class is 60 to 75 minutes, tailored to your needs, and accompanied by healing music. It also includes a thoughtful teacher.

I love how I feel after restorative yoga. My whole body is free from tension, my mind relaxes, and I feel like I am in tune with myself. It’s really wonderful.

About Yin

Yin is a slow-paced form of yoga that emphasizes holding non-weightbearing poses for 3-5 minutes. This allows muscles to release at their deepest levels. It is suitable for beginners and can be modified for all body types. Yin is about healing and letting go of trapped tension. You can learn more about it here.

My students report undergoing profound mental experiences during yin. I was moved by a story from a student who went through a near-death experience. He was in a terrible car accident. In class, he actually felt the emotions from the accident release while holding a yoga pose. They had been living in his tissue, holding on, clinging to existence in the muscles. He was surprised and moved by the experience.

Help is Here

I teach these classes because I love to help people. It’s really gratifying to be there for people overcoming real obstacles in their lives. I get to witness real human growth.

Could you use more peace, relaxation, and release?

I am taking on new students this month! I live in the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area. If you live within a 15-20 mile radius, let’s connect and start a restorative yoga program for you at home.


1 Private session


4 session package


8 Session package


I’m working hard to make classes affordable! Trust me, I know how it goes. I am proud to offer discounts for seniors, veterans, and students who sign up for 4 or more home sessions.

Let me know if cost is a limiting factor. We’ll work together to make restorative yoga happen for you. It’s good for your health!


Click below to sign up for Yin At Home:

April Update

Hey everyone,

It’s already April, but it doesn’t feel like it! It’s snowing in Michigan.

Or it’s raining?

It’s rainsnowing.

I have learned so much lately. It’s been uncomfortable at times, but it’s good. Some of the learning has centered around love. I’m learning to let go of the expectations I project onto relationships and cultivate more love in my life. I’m also practicing my creative/professional skills and learning stability.

The past week has been challenging. I came face-to-face with a bad habit and it made me very uncomfortable. Thankfully, discomfort precedes transformation.

Friday, I went out drinking with a friend of mine. It was his last night in Ann Arbor before he left for New York City. Even though I don’t care to drink, I did it anyway because I wanted to have a good time with that friend.

It was a definitely mistake. I ended the night feeling insecure, jealous, and upset. My body howled. My insides hurt.

“I feel stuck,” I sobbed. It was the end of the night. I sat in my car with my friend. Tears were rolling down my face.

“I’m not where I’m supposed to be. I hate it! I don’t want to be here anymore, but I feel trapped.”

Emotions poured out of me. The tears kept coming. I cried and cried and cried. I was startled by the depth of my sadness. The alcohol added drama, but there was a lot of real shit welling up out of me.

I’m not happy. It feels like my inner being is obscured by heavy habits and an undisciplined mind.

I am thankful to recognize which things need to change. Hard times in life can serve us if we read between the lines. We all have challenging experiences and struggles. A person can do all the yoga poses in the world and put on a happy face, but if they’re not willing to change when truth calls, they will bring suffering upon themselves.

I need more love in my life. Self-love. It’s really important that we give ourselves all the love we need, express it, feel it, give it permission, and let it happen. When we don’t, we’re miserable deep down inside. We’re like plants that need water. We do crazy things to “obtain” love from outside.

It’s also important to listen to our bodies. Mine told me not to drink. I heard a soft, gentle voice warning me in the back of my head and I ignored it. In an odd way, I rationalized the drinking by telling myself that it would make other people love me more. This was false thinking.

“By training the mind, anyone can learn to step in and change old ways of thinking. That is the central principle of yoga. Reshape yourself through the power of your will. Never let yourself be degraded by self-will. The will is the only friend of the Self.”
The Bhagavad Gita, Eknath Easwaran


Positive Notes

This week is my sixth consistent week at the gym. I can’t remember the last time I went so regularly. My body feels really good. I go four days per week. I keep it balanced, maybe a little ab and cardio heavy. My goals at the gym have been to build core and arm strength, burn fat, and create a habit. So far, so good!

Classes at Bloom Wellness have been going great. I really love the Sunday night Sound Meditation + Yin classes. We’ve been getting great attendance and feedback. Everyone comes to class on different frequencies, but they all leave harmonized and more peaceful. It’s wild to witness. It makes me happy to help people reach that place.

I’ve got all sorts of ideas for things to do next. My next project is a marketing campaign for restorative yoga at home. Restorative yoga (yin) seems to have the greatest impact on the people I teach. It helps them untangle. It provides a sense of peace and relaxation that people can feel! So, I’m putting myself out there a little more and exploring that service.

I still have a video restorative yoga series in the works. I’ve got the poses written out on paper, ready to go. I’m waiting for the weather to cooperate because I think it would look great in front of a river or a lake or on a beach. I may try some video recordings inside to practice with the camera. A lot of work goes into being your own camera man! Stay tuned!

The bulk of things I desire to do next revolve around serving others. This is a fortuitous sign. I’m trying not to do things just for money. I want my action to have meaning in the lives of people around me.

In conclusion, friends, keep going. It might feel like progress has stalled or that you are moving backward, but this is just an illusion. These are growing pains. You will be successful and happy if you remain honest with yourself. Keep faith!



7 Yoga Poses for Mercury Retrograde

From March 22, 2018 to April 15, 2018, Mercury will look like it is moving in the opposite direction across Earth’s horizon. Staying grounded and practicing balance will help you during Mercury Retrograde.

If you feel weird or like your life suddenly appears to be wobbling in the opposite direction, ground your body/mind and ride out the storm. If it’s really bad, lie in corpse pose (savasana) as close to the Earth as you can. Let the Earth’s gravity protect you. Sand in the sun would be best.

It is interesting that so many people seem to be feeling symptoms of Mercury Retrograde this year. The celestial event has become part of our collective psyche. It attests to the interconnectedness of our minds and nervous systems. We have an exceptional ability to feel one another. The nervous system is a literal aspect of humanity’s Oneness and it is on full display now.

A piece of wisdom: Remember, hurting another is like hurting oneself because we feel each other very intimately. We share emotions, including pain and joy. Be mindful of how you interact with others during this time. Step away from gritty relationships and take time for yourself until calm returns if it would serve you. These yoga poses will help you tremendously.

Also, if you have a foam roller, this is a great time to work out some of your kinks, especially in your back, glutes, and thighs. Take care of these parts of your body during Mercury Retrograde. They provide balance.


Yoga Poses For Mercury Retrograde

You may do these poses in any order. Feel free to try some out and do what feels right for your body. Use blocks and props to support you when it’s hard to reach the ground or support your body weight.


1. Mountain Pose (Tadasana)

Stand with your feet about hip distance apart and engage your core. Hands can be by your side or at your heart. Feel grounded and imagine Earth energy flowing up into your body.



2. Tree Pose (Vrksasana)

From mountain pose, place the foot inside the opposite hip crease or thigh. Hands at heart space or above head. Balance here. It’s okay to fall.



3. Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

Lift one leg and place it over the opposite knee. Slowly sink the hips back. Arms bend at the elbow and cradle one another. Balance here.



4. Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana)

Step the feet wide. On an inhale, come to a squat and raise arms. As you exhale, you rise back to straight legs and bring the hands to heart space. Squat as many times as you need until you feel burning in the glutes. This builds strength.



5. Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana)

Send one leg out behind you and come to an airplane pose. Then reach up to the sky with the arm corresponding with your upraised leg. You may use a block at the lower hand to support your weight and help with balance.



6. Legs Up The Wall Pose (Viparita Karani)

Scoot your glutes close the wall and walk the legs up straight. Relax the arms and face. Relax here and feel support from the Earth.



7. Corpse Pose (Savasana)

Lay flat on the ground. Allow the whole body to relax. Pay particular attention to the face, jaw, and shoulders. Consciously will yourself to relax. I like to do a body scan here. I start at the top of my head and relax each part of the body down to my toes. Try it out! Allow yourself to feel supported.


No matter what happens to us, remember that we choose how to respond. These yoga poses aren’t going to fix all of the bad things that might happen during Mercury Retrograde. They will help you reach a place of strength. From there, you can make decisions that serve you.

If you find this information useful, please share!


How to End Violence

I get angry more than I would like to be angry.

My face gets red.
I clench my fists.
I just want to throw something!

My anger generally boils down to an inability to fully express myself. I feel out of control. Often associated with anger are feelings of failure, unworthiness, and inability. When I am in this place, I am vibrating on a low frequency.

My response to anger is often violence; violent feelings and actions toward myself and others. This response can become an unconscious habit. I react with harsh impatience when I actually need the opposite. As a result, the frequency of violence amplifies in the world.

Many of us do not realize our personal connection to violence on the Earth today. We dissociate. We tell ourselves it is someone else, somewhere else. If only we could see that each rude gesture, harsh word, and ill wish from us is like a piece of dry wood added to a global inferno.

We can use yoga to learn right action in response to anger. If all humans did this, it would undoubtedly refresh the world.

The first yoga precept is ahimsa. It translates to non-violence, but is a bit more dynamic than non-violent action. Ahimsa is benevolence toward everything in existence; including ourselves. The Yoga Sutras say that once ahimsa is mastered, even wild animals and ferocious criminals will become tame and harmless in our presence.

Observance and practice of ahimsa can bring an end to violent action. Being gentle and kind has this power; not inventions, corporations, or even laws. The change must happen within us. Our will is always a necessary component for violent behavior. Without it, violence withers like a monstrous weed without water.

Begin to look at when, why, and how you are violent toward yourself. When you feel angry, practice ahimsa. Recognize the moment of anger as an opportunity to respond with loving-kindness. Then, start to practice it toward others. Treat other people like they are your brothers and sisters. Be forgiving. This is the revolution that will end a violent external reality.

There is help if you seek it. You are not alone.

You are capable of self-mastery and self-love, but you must practice.

A Course In Miracles

Since Daylight Saving Time, it feels like my life has shifted an eternity instead of an hour. What time is it again?

Yesterday, I watched a documentary about the book A Course In Miracles. It was channeled by a clinical psychologist named Helen Schucman in the 1960s. She started to hear a voice in her head that repeated, “This is a course in miracles, please take notes.” It wouldn’t go away.

Then she began to have dreams and visions which complemented the voice. Helen became desperate. She was having difficulty sleeping and thought she was going crazy. She turned to a colleague, William Thetford, for guidance and he suggested that she start writing. A volume poured forth from her pen.

A Course In Miracles has been translated into 22 languages and sold more than 2 million copies. It’s interesting to note that Jesus claims to be the entity that Schucman channeled. She herself was skeptical of this for a long time.

I downloaded the book and started reading it.

There’s this kind of beautiful, authoritative wisdom in the text on par with the Bhagavad Gita (another of my favorite religious texts). When I read certain passages, they resonate like bells. I have to pause and reflect on what I’ve just read. At times, I’m stopped in my tracks.

I’m conflicted because the book has me questioning my life. My initial reaction is, damn, again? How many times am I going to do this? But I also know that this kind of questioning is powerful and can transform people.

I don’t really discuss religion and belief often. Maybe I am a bit afraid of what other people think? But really, I have no reason to be afraid if I stop and stay present with that fear. Fearing what other people think is a function of the ego, and the ego dies with the body, so why should I fear what I am destined to leave behind?

For a brief period in my pre-teen years, I really believed in God. Like, really, really believed. I took comfort in the happiness, faith, and love that people at church seemed to share with one another.

The Church became my enemy when I learned that I was gay. It promoted ignorance, hatred, and suffering for LGBT people. I came to believe that the church itself cared more about power than it did about people. I didn’t understand how anyone could follow the organization after coupling these failures with the Dark Ages, American colonialism, and the protection of Nazis. I still do not follow orthodox Christianity.

But somehow, I keep coming back to this thing called God. My favorite yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda, the author of Autobiography of a Yogi, was a devout follower of scripture and wrote about the miracles he witnessed as a faithful student of this God. In Asia, I always felt guided even though I was often by myself. It felt like a presence was with me; I think that something was what God is. Life in the West can be so saturated in ego that the spirit is more difficult to notice here.

I mean to serve others by sharing this information. We’re all going through these questions together, at the same period in time.

Is it possible to live in love and peace?
Can we shift our minds away from egocentricity?
Are we the children of an infinite Creator trapped in cycles of death and rebirth until we learn the truth?
Is there a God?

I’m inclined to believe that there is a God. Some of this belief is predicated on faith in the experiences of spiritual teachers with whom I felt love and kinship. Some of it is based on experience deeper than I can articulate.

Though, the more pressing question before me seems to be, what do I do next? What do I do with this information? Is the path I am on currently serving the tenants of love or my ego? What does shifting look like? What does letting go of my created self-image look like? Is it possible to live without fear, to live in love, to experience ourselves fully?

“Your worth is beyond perception because it is beyond doubt. Do not perceive yourself in different lights. Know yourself in the One Light where the miracle that is you is perfectly clear.”

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve read the book!