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Hey! You made it. So you want to know more about me?

I love to travel, read, and cook. I feel like I could go on for days listing the things I love: music, sunshine, beaches, warm weather, the wind in my hair, dogs, cats, philosophy, conversation, yoga!

I learn something new each day. Helping others is my way of life. Please reach out if you are seeking spiritual guidance. Send me a message!

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searching for meaning

I often find myself contemplating the meaning of life. Why am I here? Why are we all here together? Living is a challenge.

When I began to search, I found story after story about the true nature of reality. They inspired me to stay strong. The tales are as old as humanity. We are love itself. We are divine sparks of pure Being, incarnating life after life to experience ourselves. We have purpose, meaning, and are part of a great Oneness with all life.

I have come to believe this wholeheartedly.

Always remember, it is our destiny to bloom.
Each challenge is another petal opened.
Each sorrow is an opportunity to be vibrant.

All paths lead to the same place.
We are learning.
Keep searching.

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